On Strips: What a Crappy Thursday!

By | Friday, June 23, 2017 Leave a Comment
So here's what I caught in the news yesterday...This was all yesterday, and that's just the bullshit I happened to catch! I was stuck in meetings literally all day. I am so pissed at everything right now, I don't have any real capacity for cogent thoughts on comic strips. So instead, today, I'd like to share some of the day's strips that I tried to use to make me not feel like leaving the planet...

OK, I just went through the day's comics and didn't even crack a smile. Probably more reflective of my mood than the talents of the creators. So instead, I'll post those comics that I found interesting, clever, and/or insightful. Hopefully, the country won't have completely collapsed by Monday, and I'll be in a better frame of mind to talk about comics.

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