On Business: Earnings

By | Monday, March 27, 2017 Leave a Comment
This weekend, there was something of broad Twitter discussion about how much creators should get paid. How publishers should paid fair rates for creators' (mostly artists') work, that kind of thing. Which is a fine discussion to have, but without some numbers, it's a little too theoretical to be of much value. I mean, sure, everybody thinks artists should get paid a fair rate... but what's "fair"?

The problem with that is that we live in a culture that has made concrete discussions of finances extremely taboo. Rian Sygh stepped up to the plate this weekend, though, and shared some of his financial situation...
Thanks, Rian, for sharing those details.

This is why that earlier claim that crazy/evil administrations can lead to great art is bullshit -- this is what Rian was able to do under about-as-good-as-it's-ever-been conditions. That note about having to work retail if not for his partner? That means not having time to make comics. Yes, there are absolutely good, talented, creative people making a good living off their art. But there are plenty more good, talented, creative people who are only able to get by with additional help from other sources. Which is why it's important to, when possible, patronize the ones you want to succeed however you're able.
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