On History: The Day the Law Died

By | Tuesday, January 31, 2017 Leave a Comment
I'm sorry, but I just can't today. The firing of USGA Yates was one insanity more than I can take right now. Tomorrow, my wife and I are leaving for to attend a wedding in Mexico, and I'm hoping that can clear my head a bit from the bullshit from the last week and a half. I've got posts already lined up for while we're gone, so you won't miss me. (Unless, of course, Trump decides to go to war with Mexico while we're down there, and we can't come back. I'm legitimately scared that could happen.) But right now, I just can't bring myself to focus on much of anything.

So just do me a favor. Track down a copy of the Judge Dredd story "The Day the Law Died." It originally started in 2000 AD #86, but has been reprinted over a dozen times, so it shouldn't be hard to track down. Just read it, and hope that Trump's reign is somewhat less damaging than Judge Cal's.
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