On -isms: Black Webcomic Leads

By | Thursday, September 24, 2015 Leave a Comment
One of the things that a lot of people (myself included) cite as one of the benefits to webcomics is that there are no gatekeepers. There's no group of editors and publishers to say what is and isn't worthy of reaching an audience. What this means is that much of the racism inherent in the publishing industry is wiped away in webcomics, as there's no one to say that a comic isn't relatable (or whatever the excuse is) because the protagonist and/or creator isn't a white male.

That part is fantastic! The downside, though, is that without those editors and publishers to support the work, it's much harder to find. The creator is basically left to do their own marketing, and their single voice is often overwhelmed by the noise.

Joamette Gil recently asked herself, "How many webcomics are actually out there with black protagonists?" It's a question I've asked myself on occasion and, while I certainly have no trouble finding some, I have no idea how close to comprehensive my lists have been. I don't know that Gil's attempt is comprehensive either, but she's tracked down quite a few more than I ever have and she's continuing to add to her list as more people tell what's missing.

So go check out her list! There's so much on there that you're bound to find a comic or two that looks/sounds interesting. I know there are plenty on there that I wasn't aware of previously that look really cool! Be sure to bookmark it as well because she keeps adding to it. Lots of great stuff to support!
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