On History: Where Are the Stan & Jack Photos?

By | Tuesday, September 15, 2015 Leave a Comment
I started writing a piece about Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, and I went to get a picture of the two of them. I realized that I've only ever seen two photographs of the two of them together, one from 1966 and one from 1975...
Considering how much they worked together, and how significant their partnership was to comics, it strikes me as curious that there are so few pictures of the two of them togther. (I'm sure there's got to be more than just these two, right?)

It's not like either Lee or Kirby were camera-shy. We have a number of pictures of Jack with his other noteable business partner, Joe Simon, and many more with his wife, Roz. And, geez, how many tons of pictures can you find of Stan with a quick Google search? Hell, part of his schtick any more is making cameo appearances in Marvel movies!

So it makes me wonder why they were so rarely photographed together?

I mean, two photos? That's it? I have literally seen more pictures of Jack with Linda McCartney, who he only met once in 1976, than I have of Jack with Stan.
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