On -isms: Congrats, Kylie Wu!

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Kylie Wu
Let's start with the formal mission statement of the Trans 100...
The Trans 100 celebrates excellence within the trans community. Our mission consists of two parts:
  1. Provide an overview of the breadth and diversity of work being done in, by, and for the transgender community across the United States.
  2. Act as a resource for the transgender community and our allies around the globe.
In this way we hope to highlight exceptional work done by and for trans people, promote those who may not otherwise receive recognition, and increase positive visibility for the trans community as a whole.
And wouldn't you know, but listed among this year's celebrants is Trans Girl Next Door creator Kylie Wu!
Kylie Wu
Wu responded with both glee and poise...
I’m so incredibly honored to be included on the Trans 100 list of 2015, not enough words can describe my gratitude (seriously, is this real life???). Please go check out the whole list and meet these super awesome sauce trans people who are doing some of the most incredible work for the trans community (not like me who just sits on her ass and draws silly cartoon~ lol)! In all seriousness, I do get that my comics have a certain amount of positive impacts on some trans folks out there, but I really hope that in the near future these comics are only gonna be for shits and giggles and nothing more. Because the trans community would be so understood and accepted that people would only read my comics for entertainment and not for educational purposes; and trans youth would only read them as part of their trans history textbook or simply because they’re super bored at their grandma’s house.
I think it's fantastic both that Wu is able to use her comics to connect with other people in various stages of transitioning, and equally fantastic that a larger organization like Trans 100 recognizes the impact and importance of webcomics like hers. I hope they're able to continue celebrating webcomic creators in the future! (Though, like Wu, I hope that one day, the "need" for these types of comics is only with regard to their entertainment value.)

Congrats, Kylie! The recognition is well-deserved and I hope it draws greater attention to what comics from trans creators can mean, as well as send some traffic to Trans Girl Next Door specifically!
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