Artist Alert: Eric Orchard Hospitalized

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Maddy Kettle
This is a little out of my bailiwick for the blog here, but comics creator Eric Orchard was hospitalized yesterday after an ecounter with Canadian police. Orchard is the creator behind Maddy Kettle that came out from Top Shelf in late 2014, and he's currently working on Bera, the One-Headed Troll for First Second.

Details of yesterday's events are still a bit sketchy, but he was evidently accosted by three police officers who began asking him questions. One of the officers went to put a hand on Orchard, and Orchard backed up. The police construed this as resisting arrest (despite the fact that they weren't actually arresting him), slammed his head into a wall and threatened to shoot him. Orchard was taken to the hospital, but no charges were filed against him. (Because, you know, he didn't do anything wrong in the first place!) Orchard seems to be generally okay, all things considered, and was more scared than anything, having difficulty contacting his wife from the hospital.

You may recall that Orchard opened up a few months ago about his mother's mental illness and his own battles with depression. I can't imagine being assulted by the police would be of any help with that.

You can support Orchard via his Patreon here.
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