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  • Erica Friedman started the new year with, not a resolution per se, but a commitment to supporting your comics ecosystem. She talks about going beyond just supporting comic creators, but also retailers, journalists, and everyone else who contributes to the broader sphere that is comicdom. She also says nice things about me. :)
  • Gene Kannenberg recently started a Tumblr experiment called Comics Machine where he intends to do an abstract comic every day. I think few comic fans are even familiar with the notion of abstract comics, so whether you like Kannenberg's specific comics or not, I think it'd be useful to at least take a look through what he's doing.
  • Visionary Comics chats briefly with David Gallaher and Steve Ellis on the upcoming Deadlands: Dead Man’s Hand graphic novel from IDW.
  • Finally, a temporarily mandatory link to the Patreon campaign I just launched. I look forward to your support!
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