On Blogging: Please Stand By

By | Tuesday, October 14, 2014 1 comment
Let me provide an apology to regular readers of my blog. You may have noticed that I missed a post both last week Monday, and again yesterday. October has become an exceptionally busy month for me on a personal level, and I haven't been able to devote too much headspace to thinking about comics. A week ago, I got married (you can now mentally replace all past "significant other" or "S.O." references on the blog with "wife") and on Sunday, I ran the Chicago Marathon. Two big events, essentially back-to-back, left me with about no room for backup plans on the blog. Regular posting should resume shortly.

This coming weekend, I'm flying out of town to attend a friend's wedding. He's a cartoonist, though, so I might be in a little more comics-oriented mindset. I'm hoping I won't miss any more blog days this year, but part of the problem with trying to DO EPIC SHIT is that it occasionally gets in the way of more mundane things like blogs.
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No apologies necessary I'm sure. Congratulations and best wishes on your future happiness ... and epicness!