On History: State Histories?

By | Tuesday, October 07, 2014 1 comment
A few years back, I presented some info about Ben Hardy & The Ohio Adventure, which told the history of Ohio in comic strip form. Earlier this year, I review Texas History Movies, which told the history of Texas in comic strip form. Recently, I stumbled across a comic detailing the Lousiana Purchase and another on the founding of Tennessee.
These were both done in the 1950s and were pretty obviously targeted to a limited audience, notably younger residents of the states in question. They seem to be done entirely independent of one another, and I don't get the impression that any one of these comics had any influence on any other.

So I'm wondering now how many of these types of comics are out there? There couldn't be one for every state, could there?If these comics were a 1950s thing, that would have probably faded in popularity by the time Alaska and Hawaii became states in 1959. But are there comics out there detailing the history of Nebraska? Iowa? Kansas? New Hampshire? That'd make for an interesting collection, I think, to see how people depicted the various state histories and what was focused on in each. Does anyone know of/have actual examples?
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Matt K said...

If there aren't, maybe someone should make them! Seems to me like America darn well ought to have at least one comics history of each state.

(It would be so ironic if NY is one of the states that does not currently have one.)