On History: Kirby4Heroes

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We're coming up on what would be Jack Kirby's 97th birthday: August 28th. In what has now become an annual event, his granddaughter Jillian is asking both comic fans, as well as non-comics fans who simply enjoy some of Jack's creations, to donate to the Heroes Initiative. It's the Kirby4Heroes campaign. This year, she's even been able to enlist the broadcasting help of Nerdist to help raise even more awareness.

One of the things I love about Jack's body of work is the force of imagination he put forth. Not just in the stories -- and there is PLENTY of imagination in those -- but in the medium as a whole. He had a hand in reinventing the entire industry multiple times. I've said repeatedly that there is almost no way to overstate his importance to comics. I try to support his legacy in multiple ways: by buying books and works that encourage publishers to produce more of it, by studying and researching his work and writing about it in The Jack Kirby Collector (and occasionally other places), and by contributing to projects like this that are in his name.

Heroes Intiative is a worthy project on its own merits, helping comic creators with medical bills and the like. Guys who unexpectedly run into problems like Gene Colan, Russ Heath and Steve Gerber. Even outside of the annual Kirby4Heroes campaign, I've made donations to them. Even back when they were originally called ACTOR (a name that I never thought made sense).

Listen, there are a lot of comic creators out there who need your help. You can help them now by buying their books, contributing to their Kickstarters and Patreons, and all that fun stuff. You get great comics and they get to earn a living. But Heroes Initiative helps those people even further when they run into problems. It's a very worthy cause, and it's a very worthy name to be donating under. Please take a few moments to listen to Jillian's request, and help out some long-standing veterans of comicdom.
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