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  • As of last week, Wowio is now a publicly traded company. Well, not quite, I don't think. They've got all their paperwork in, and now they need to be assigned an official trading symbol. I'm honestly not quite sure on that grey area between getting the red tape sorted and a formal IPO.
  • You've heard about the old Fantastic Four film that Roger Corman produced but never released from the mid-1990s, right? As an old school FF fan, that was a Holy Grail for me for many years, and I was thrilled when I finally got a half-decent (obviously bootleg) copy. (Hell, I was the one guy who bought a copy of Carnosaur just so I could get the official trailer of the movie!) So I was thrilled when I discovered the other night that they're producing a "Making of" documentary about the film. I would've been the first person to back this if it were a Kickstarter, but they're just doing it old school. Making the movie and selling. Here's the documentary trailer, now go pre-order the frickin' thing! (Point of Pride Sidebar: One of the fonts they're using throughout the piece is the Fantasti-Font that I designed back in the late '90s!)
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