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  • ?What If! Innovation has posted a rogues gallery of real life villains set against creativity and innovation. Part One and Part Two.
  • Garen Ewing, of The Rainbow Orchid fame, reviews the new Young Reader editions of various Tintin books. "But, Sean," you might be thinking, "haven't Tintin books been around for ages? Why are you pointing out just another review for them?" Because Ewing focuses on the NEW companion material that's included in these editions, and I have to say that I'm sorely tempted to pick these all up now precisely because of that!
  • The latest issue of Participations: The Journal of Audience and Perception Studies has a special section on comic book audiences.
  • Ken Quartto runs a series of addendums, suggestions and corrections to Sean Howe's Marvel Comics: The Untold Story, courtesy of Roy Thomas. Thomas was, of course, instrumental in much of what became Marvel Comics, having been hired by Stan Lee in 1965. Also, Thomas' memory is generally better than most folks working on comics from that period, so the updates are, while not always hugely significant, still note-worthy.
  • And lastly, a previously lost Will Eisner interview circa the early 1980s, in which he compares The Spirit to Magnum PI...
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