Turkey Day Eve Links

By | Wednesday, November 23, 2011 Leave a Comment
  • Corey Blake does some solid follow-up work on the recent Bill Mantlo piece, adding some clarifications, updates and additions. If the previous Mantlo piece touched you, please go read Blake's piece as well.
  • The State Health Department of India is producing comic books to "make adolescent girls aware of the right age of marriage, the spacing required in birth of children and ill-effects of early marriage." I think the implication is that they don't want girls having children at such a young age that there are health problems and/or they drop out of school, but I'm not keen on how it's presented, at least in the article, as the "right age of marriage."
  • Here's Part Two of Doc Jenkins' chat about critical approaches to comics. As always, Jenkins brings up great points.
  • Alec Berry examines the corporate side of making comic books. There's nothing particularly earth-shattering in his piece, but it's a decidedly worthwhile read in that I think a lot of comic fans tend to NOT talk about it. I think they recognize that it's a business, but often don't fully connect that with the stories that wind up on the printed page.
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