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By | Sunday, February 13, 2011 3 comments
Since you're all paying attention to either Toy Fair or the Grammys, I figure it's safe to slide in some self-promotion without seeming too obnoxious.
  • MTV Geek
    Those Fantastic Four pieces I wrote for MTV Geek a few weeks ago? Well, they helped land me a regular gig with them. I now have a regular column called "Kleefeld on Webcomics" in which I talk about, um... webcomics. (Perhaps not the most original title, but I'm going to claim it's a branding thing.) I'm writing it for a pretty broad audience, so I'm trying to cover some basic points with my initial pieces. My first two discuss what are webcomics and RSS feeds. I'll get into more detailed topics as I go on. It looks like a new column will be going up every Friday, so keep your eyes tuned to MTV Geek for more!
  • Graphic Novels
    Graphic Novels is the upcoming three-volume reference set from Salem Press. It's essentially an encyclopedia of comics. My Alice in Sunderland and Fax from Sarajevo articles seem to have been approved ("...very high quality of analysis and authoritative coverage. We are pleased with how this publication is shaping up, and much of that is due to your enthusiastic response and good work.") and they need some more articles written. So I think I'll be doing a couple more for them. I'm not sure which, yet, but I've submitted my top choices.
  • Back Issue
    I finally got a chance to read the latest Back Issue -- the one I referenced back here. In the piece on the aborted "Fantastic Four: Fathers and Sons" graphic novel, Danny Fingeroth name-checks me and a few quotes from me make it in there as well. Jarrod Buttery does a good job tracking things down and there's a lot of good art shown. I also liked the articles on the aborted Captain America musical and John Byrne's never-completed "Last Galactus Story."
  • Jack Kirby Collector
    While I'm talking about TwoMorrows mags, I'll mention that I'm finishing up my next column for The Jack Kirby Collector. It never ceases to amaze me where my research into Jack's work takes me. Issue #56 will come out towards the end March, and my "Incidental Iconography" column looks at the white-washing of the Dingbats of Danger Street. I also just shot another article idea over to my editor about the eternal "who contributed what" question in the Stan/Jack debate; we'll see what he thinks and whether or not that's worth writing up.
  • C2E2
    It looks like I'll be attending the C2E2 convention in March. Not as a guest or exhibitor or anything, but just as some random guy walking around the con floor. I'm not sure of which day(s) I'll be able to attend, but if you're going, let me know and we can see if schedules line up once I get things a little more nailed down. (Probably dependent, in part, on what panels ultimately get scheduled.) If you want to keep an eye out for me on the con floor, just look for The Hat.
  • Kleefeld on Comics
    It almost goes without saying, but in case you're reading this on some site other than mine, I still plan on keeping up with daily posts for my Kleefeld on Comics blog. I have no clue what tomorrow's post will be about yet, but I'll worry about that tomorrow!
So that's me for the next month or two. At least, as it pertains to comics. Would you believe I hold a full-time job on top of this?
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Ethan said...

Congrats on the MTV gig!

Matt K said...

Yeah, many congratulations on earning all this recognition/exposure. Good goin'.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you expanding and getting some credit for your great work. -Delos