Film Threat On Corman's FF Movie

By | Saturday, February 12, 2011 2 comments
I was digging through my digital archives and stumbled across this article from Film Threat focusing on Roger Corman's Fantastic Four movie. I recall it being one of the most detailed articles on the film that I'd seen at that point, and it remains so over a decade later. I just skimmed through it again now, but what strikes me is at the very end of the piece, there's some talk about how it might be shelved in favor of a Chris Columbus version, but that had evidently fallen by the wayside and the movie was scheduled for a Labor Day weekend opening.

It's a matter of history now, but the movie was never intended to be released and was made just to hold on to the licensing rights. The film has been circulating the bootleg movie market for years, but has never been formally released in any capacity.

Anyway, I thought I'd reproduce the article here for anyone interested...

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I've always felt so bad for the people who "gave 150%" to try an create something workable despite a shitty budget and no real support. I mean, considering how this wasn't even a real project, they actually did some impressive work.

buzz said...

Well, it wasn't exactly "never intended" for release, tho it was rushed into production in order to keep the rights from lapsing. From what I was told by people involved on the project, Corman had agreed to supply 50% of the budget & on the day shooting started he announced his 50% was the use of his studio facilities, not actual cash.

Like Ian, I feel sorry for the folks who really knocked themselves to do the best FF movie they could, only to be hamstrung by front office shennanigans.