Ask Your Library!

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My buddy Jeff pointed out a neat way that you might be able to read a printed copy of Comic Book Fanthropology for free: ask your local library!

"But, Sean," you say, "wouldn't it be pretty unlikely that your well-written and insightful book would be available in a library? After all, you don't exactly have the same level of press coverage that a J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer has!"

Very true. HOWEVER, librarians tend to be really nice people who genuinely want to help. Which means that if you ask them about obtaining a book they might not have, they will often work to obtain a copy. That doesn't guarantee they'll be able to get one -- after all, their budgets are tight, too -- but they may well have enough resources for your request. In fact, if they do order a copy because of your request, they'll probably alert you as soon as it comes in and keep it on reserve until you pick it up!

This ends up being a win-win-win situation all the way around. You get to read the book in an easy, comfortable format for free, other people get to discover and read the book for free and I still get a bit of change for the copy that was sold to the library! A great deal all the way around!

Now, here's the beauty part -- if you're uncomfortable actually going up to your librarian (who are, again, often genuinely nice people) or happen to be stuck at home during a snowstorm or whatever, many libraries have forms you can fill out from the website that allow you to request the book from the comfort of you home office. I'm telling you: there is nary a downside anywhere to this!

So check out your local library and see if they'd be interested in getting a copy of Comic Book Fanthropology for you.
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