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Tom Spurgeon notes that a new set of Xeric winners have just been announced. No surprise that the books all look quite good from what I can see online. I'm particularly intrigued by Annie Murphy's I Still Live -- a biography of spiritualist Achsa W. Sprague. Murphy started her own blog this past October and has some artwork from the book posted there.

I have to admit that I'm more intrigued by the subject matter than the art -- which is a tad unusual for me. I've really been getting into non-fiction comics recently (not that there are that many of them) and I know a bit about spiritualists from my father's interest in stage magic. (Harry Houdini spent many of his later years debunking spiritualist hoaxes.) So Murphy's book just sounds darned interesting on the subject matter alone. Not to mention that I don't recall ever seeing a comic biography of any spiritualist before. Stage magicians, sure, but not anyone claiming to be a medium. So I'm really looking forward to seeing this.

That said, due to financial constraints, I still haven't snagged a copy of Justin Murphy's Cleburne which won a Xeric last July. (Justin is no relation to Annie, as far as I know.) So my odds of being able to pick up I Still Live seem a bit remote, unfortunately. Somebody do me a favor and do an extensive review on it when it comes out. For that matter, has anyone done an extensive review of Cleburne yet?
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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you'd consider it extensive, but I reviewed Cleburne here: