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By | Wednesday, January 28, 2009 2 comments
I've got no idea how many of you read my blog via the actual address versus just keeping up with my feed but, for those of you who actually hit this page, I've made some updates to the site. New banner art across the top... ooooo, aaaaah. I've also updated the "Comics I'm Reading" list that runs down the side there. Mostly new additions.

Actual content updates to resume shortly.
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Anonymous said...

Speaking of housekeeping, what happened to FFPlaza? I've been getting the "this link appears broken" message for a few weeks now...

I let the domain lapse. I hadn't been making updates for almost 2 years, and had no plans to return to it in the foreseeable future, so it didn't make financial sense to continue paying for the domain and hosting.

Consider it another victim of the economy.