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Well, as all the backwards-looking among you look back and reflect on 2008, yours truly is planning and looked ahead to 2009. Here's a handful of comic-related items I'm looking forward to in 2009...

Atomic Robo, Volume 3
These books have been some of the best, most entertaining comics I've read in years. This is the type of stuff I really love about comics, and I'm looking to see the next set of stories.

Cloak & Dagger, Volume Whatever-Number-The-New-One-Is
I was never a big fan of the duo, even when I was reading almost everything Marvel produced, but I'm really interested to see what this hip new writer does with it. (I am on the comp list for these books, right, Val?)

High Moon, Chapter Three
Of all the Zuda comics, this one speaks the most strongly to my own sensibilities. I'm not sure if that's because of or despite the fact that they keep killing off the protagonists. (I am on the comp list for thes-- oh, wait. They're for free online!)

Tozo, Chapters Three and Four
Another online comic that I've really enjoyed. I had the pleasure of discovering it shortly after it launched, and it was one of the first long-form, adventure comics I read online. It's never disappointed me.

Cursed Pirate Girl
This has been just on the horizon for a little while now, so it's more of a hope that this comes out in '09. This will look absolutely gorgeous, and I can't believe it won't generate some really positive buzz once it's published.

As The Man says, "Onward and upward to greater glory! Excelsior!"
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Kevin Agot said...

I am glad that I came across your blog. I hope I'm in the minority in this, but after collecting comics (with a few minor breaks in between) for the good part of 36 years, I'm going to stop buying the printed versions. I've tried to experiment here and there with different genres but I've been left with a general sense of disappointment with the overall output from the Big Companies. There are a few shining titles, mind you, but the rumors of an impending price hike by another buck in today's economy for something that isn't necessarily a necessity (heh, it was BEFORE I got married and had a family) make this an easy "cut of fat" from the budget.

Moreover, I have decades of comics from which I can re-read and revisit old storylines. This isn't an altogether bad thing, given today's market for "hype and miss, megalomaniacal spandex and capes".

I rant a bit, because I'm looking for online webcomics that may serve as an alternative source to fill up my comic rush. I've started reading Tozo, and I've also re-discovered Rainbow Orchid. I'll keep an eye out for more of your solid recommendations.