What Happens To A Dead Zuda Project?

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I've wondered about this since its inception: what happens to one of the projects that goes into competition on Zuda but, for whatever reason, doesn't win that month's competition? The creators are getting good feedback and, in many cases, a lot of support. It's a great way to gauge reader response, and I'm sure most if not all of the creators have already invested a fair amount into their stories. (Since Zuda allows creators to retain their creative rights, there's no reason for a creator to not submit their best material.)

Well, finally, someone's been able to move forward with one of their Zuda submissions. Seth Sherwood's and Diego Tripodi's Mr. Crimson debuted on Zuda back in June, but didn't win that month's competition. But Jim Shelly, over at Flashback Universe, liked what he saw, made a few overtures, and voila! Mr. Crimson has a new, and ongoing, home.

(I'm sure it wasn't quite as simple as that, but I'm more than willing to gloss over details I don't have!)

In any event, it's the first instance I've heard of a Zuda project going forward WITHOUT being under the Zuda umbrella. I hope more people take the idea and realize that they can continue their projects elsewhere. Many of them are quite good, and it's a shame more of them haven't continued.
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There's actually a pretty long list of non-winning Zuda comics continuing elsewhere ('non-winning' isn't actually the phrase I wanted to use, ah well ...)

Anyway, here's a list:

Sam and Lilah went to Act-I-Vate

Arachnid Kid went to Sugary Serials

Action, Ohio and Hannibal Goes To Rome are serialized on Shadowline

Yuletide, Starfish, E, Teachers, and Untrue Tales are serialized on Amalgamated Artists:

And there are a few others too that I'm forgetting.

Why does no one tell me about these things beforehand?

Thanks, Dave!

Jim Shelley said...

David! Man, I thought we all agreed to leave Sean in the dark about such things! :D

btw Sean, thank you for the link and I'm loving the Wowio Deathwatch!

Peter Timony said...

Untrue Tales by Sam Little is continuing on his own site, http://www.untruetales.com/index.html

And Amalgamated Artisits has picked up a bunch of them, including Teachers, Yuletide and Starfish.