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John Lennon was born on this day in 1940. He was actually something of a cartoonist before starting a somewhat popular band known as The Beatles. Copies of his Daily Howl have been on display in a number of museums. (The cover of one shown at the left.) As a well-known musician, political and social activist, and (to many) martyr, Lennon has been the subject of many comics over the years, in both biographies and fictional stories looking to add a touchstone to the real world.

I first learned something about him from an old Sunday newspaper strip called "Biography" which focused on a quick synopsis of a different famous person every week...
Juan Carlos Mazas de Lizana Botella is currently working on a detailed comic history of The Beatles. It's already the longest I've seen, and he hasn't even gotten up to the point where Ringo Starr joins! He's also publishing it online for free, and is providing versions in Spanish, English and French!
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