Free Comic Book Day

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I'm a little behind the curve this year on plugging Free Comic Book Day. When my local comic shop started using official FCBD bags, I saved them and pinned them up around the office at work as mini-posters. And when The Wife and I donated to our local NPR station last fall, I asked that they make mention of it the day before. (The station actually has a "Day Sponsorship" available so that I can get a one or two line plug to be read by them six times a day on the day of my choice. You'll hear it on May 4th if you happen to listen to WMUB.) But that's about it, unfortunately.

I suppose it's a lot more than many people are doing, but I feel like I should do more. A few years ago, I even went to the lengths of buying a few hundred comics that were going to be only spottily available and distributed them on a local college campus.

This year, though, I don't know... it somehow just kind of snuck up on me. No real planning of any sort on my part. I feel bad because, frankly, I don't have an excuse this year. I'm sure I had ample opportunities but, for whatever reason(s), I didn't even see them to take them!

Oh, I'm sure I'll be able to do a few more last minute things. E-mails to the staff at work, probably a mention on, that sort of thing... But I'm missing something... and I don't know what.

One quick final note. A couple of links to FCBD-related info: Free Comic Book Day Isn't Free and What Are You Doing For FCBD '07?
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