Move Over, Quesada

By | Tuesday, May 29, 2007 Leave a Comment
So, today was the final day of Tom Brevoort's Marvel Editorial Simulation II and we kicked some serious tail! The final sales on our "core" titles were up 10% from when we started and we blew past our target goal by an additional 25% with the release of a limited series that we threw into the mix.

I will say that I think Tom was rooting for us. Not that the past two weeks have been easy (you'll note that my daily blogging has suffered a bit) but I think there were a lot of decisions Tom could have made that would've absolutely killed us. But he seemed to give us the benefit of the doubt more often than not, and we were ultimately able to hit all the marks we were trying to.

As I reflect on the simulation some more, I'll post more thoughts and enlightenments that it's shown me.

I will point out, though, that one of my earliest posts here about the simulation started with the proclimation that I would destroy the Marvel Universe. I mean that, of course, in terms of watching the sales numbers bottom out across the board. Curious, though, that our limited series that helped us hit our final target was based on the premise that the Earth suffers from several near-simulataneous disasters, leaving much of the planet destroyed.
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