Fantastic Four Danglers?

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I know continuity is pretty much out the window with Marvel over the last several years, but I pulled out a list of dangling plotlines that I was noted on my old FFPlaza website. There wasn't much chance of most of these being followed up on in the first place, but I suspect that's dropped to something below zero at this point. A few that I had mentioned in my original article (which it seems was last updated in 2005) were indeed followed up on in some capacity and I've removed them, but these questions, I believe, still remain unanswered...

What happened to Valeria?
Not Valeria Richards. Valeria is a blue-skinned princess of the 5th Dimension. Johnny had occasionally suggested they start a serious relationship, but had a tendency to forget about her quickly. Last seen: Fantastic Four #161. Last referenced: Fantastic Four #163.
What happened to Willie Evans, Jr.?
Willie was a child with the mutant power to manifest his dreams into reality. After the death of his mother, he was captured by Project: Pegasus and subsequently "liberated" by Iron Man and X-Factor. Releasing much of his power, he apparently killed himself but left behind his frog-like manifestation of his repressed anger. Last seen: Iron Man Annual #8.
Fantastic Four #216
What happened to Randolph James?
Randolph, after being seriously injured by several thugs, used an experimental device on himself that evolved him into a more powerful entity, whom Blastaar dubbed the Futurist. He then left to explore the wondrous corners of the universe. He was captured by the Stranger and eventually freed by Quasar, left once again to explore the universe. Last seen: Quasar #15.
What happened to "The Brain Parasites"?
A pod of alien parasites landed on Earth and devolved their unwilling hosts to obtain their main source of sustenance: oil. A pod of six landed, but only five were destroyed. Last seen: Fantastic Four #227.
What happened to Raphael Suarez?
Raphael accidentally obtained Lyja's "laserfist" power blasts and sought the FF for help. It has never really been explored what he has done with his powers (if anything) after briefly assisting Johnny and Lyja. Last seen: Fantastic Four #392.
What happened to the Aztec temple that could harness comic rays?
Obviously the culture had long since died out by the time archeologist Ken Robeson found their temple. Judging by Ben's reaction to his frequent changes using the temple's equipment, it seems likely that the cosmic rays that granted them Thing forms eventually killed the original tribe. This was not explored, however, since Reed dismantled the equipment to help fight Onslaught. Last seen: Fantastic Four #405. Last referenced: Fantastic Four #416.
What happened to Sue's third pregnancy?
Near the end of the "Heroes Reborn" saga, Susan announced to Reed that she was pregnant; however, the heroes were soon engulfed in a crisis that required they leave the dimension. Since doing so, Sue's pregnancy has not been addressed in any capacity.
What's up with Iconoclast?
In the original story, it was implied that Iconoclast and his race would be explored further, possibly in connection with Susan's powers. Although Reed did do some exploration of Iconoclast's origins, they've apparently led to a dead end. Last seen: Fantastic Four: Foes #1. Last referenced: Fantastic Four vol. 3 #3.

Who saved Johnny from drowning during his battle with Terminus?
The silhouetted figure has not been identified. Although it had at the time been suggested by some fans to have been Lyja, it seems unlikely that she would be living in the sewers beneath Yorkton, Canada. Last seen: Fantastic Four vol. 3 #4.
Where and what is "Puppy"?
Spider-Man and the Human Torch found a young, dog-like creature in Fantastic Four vol. 3 #9 and brought it back to Pier 4 as a present for Franklin. The puppy appeared to be the progeny of Lockjaw, but the issue was never specifically addressed. When Franklin was sent off to Haven, the dog went with him, but it has not been seen since. Last seen: Fantastic Four vol. 3 #24.
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