Somewhere Between Machinima and Fumetti

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"Fumetti" is just Italian for "comics" but here in the US, it's often used for comics that are created using photography instead of illustration. I've covered them here before, but as a quick example, it's stuff like this...
"Machinima" refers to animated films (of any length) that were created using video game engines. Halo was a popular choice for this for quite a while. Again, here's a quick example...

So now the question at hand is: what do we call comics that were created using a game engine? Like, you set the characters up in specific poses in specific locations, and then take a screen shot of that, add word balloons over top, etc. They're closer in style and format to fumetti, but developed more along the lines of machinima. I'm not familiar with many, but I have seen some out there.
I see TV Tropes has them cited under an article called "machinomics" but that doesn't seem to be an especially widespread term. Personally, I'm not keen on the word personally. "Machinima" is pronounced like a composite of "machine" and "cinema" but that doesn't flow as well with comics: mashin-omics? Surely, mackin-omics flows better, if nothing else. But then you've got to sit down to explain it to everyone, and you've got a "hard/soft G on GIF" situation on your hands. How about we nip that debate in the bud before it even starts by coining something else before that catches on?

GEGN? (Game Engine Graphic Novels?)

Help me out, people!
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