RIP John Romita Sr

By | Wednesday, June 14, 2023 Leave a Comment
I don't have any personal anecdotes about John Romita, Sr. that I can share, so this won't be all that different from any generic news outlet's reporting on his passing. He was, of course, a legendary artist who defined much of what the Marvel Universe looked like and I expect most obituraries you'll read of him will cite his defining work on Spider-Man and his co-creating Wolverine at the least. Comic-focused sites will no doubt add comments about Mary Jane Watson, Kingpin, Punisher, Firestar, and others.

But to showcase just how powerful and significant Romita's work was, I'll share this: doing a Google search right now (June 14, 2023 at around 6:00am) on just his name pulls obituaries from the following outlets... I think it says a lot about Romita's significance and impact that so many "regular" news outlets are reporting his death. He really was a powerhouse creator who had a deep, lasting impact on a great many people. My condolences to Romita's family and friends.
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