Halloween 1977

By | Monday, October 31, 2022 2 comments
Because I can't think of anything decent to post today -- well, I did think of tracking down all of today's comic strips that are Halloween-themed, but that sounds like way too much work for a Monday morning -- here's a semi-obligatory picture of me from a Halloween long gone. The classic Ben Cooper Batman costume, 1977 edition.
I don't really do Halloween costumes any more becuase I like who I am and have no interest in pretending to be someone I'm not. The most important thing life, after all, is to be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman.
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Billy Hogan said...

I don't remember if I ever had a Batman Halloween costume during the 1960's, but I did have a Batman cowl and cape set my Dad bought from Sears. The cowl fit like an oversized helmet. I found myself looking out of the bottom of the mask more than through the eye holes.

I think I've seen pictures of that. Back in '77, I was completely unaware of it, of course, but I stumbled across images once the internet became a thing years later. For as... awkward as the Ben Cooper mask was, it still seems like an improvement over that Sears one.