Mighty Midget Comics

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In 1942 and '43, Fawcett published several "Mighty Midget Comics" -- two color, 4" x 5" comics of only 36 pages. (Compared to the 64 pages of most comics at the time.) There were twelve altogether, each featuring a different character, but they were strangely all labeled as "No. 11."

I haven't been able to find out much about their distribution but I'm sure it was at least somewhat different than Fawcett's regular comics. There seems to have been a display stand available specifically for these books, sold two for 5¢. I gather they were put on display alongside puzzles, paper dolls, and the like. I believe all of these stories were not original and lifted from then-semi-recent regular issues. Given their short-lived nature and unusual format, I wonder if Fawcett was simply testing other markets or venues besides the traditional newsstand.

For your edification, here's the Captain Marvel issue with stories taken from America's Greatest Comics #4 and Captain Marvel Adventures #16, and a cover borrowed from Whiz Comics #22...
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