The Crenshaws

By | Wednesday, June 23, 2021 Leave a Comment
Back in the day, my father was a cartoonist for his high school paper. He developed an ongoing strip called "The Crenshaws" which detailed the lives of the Crenshaw family who, for unexplained reasons, absolutely nobody could stand to be around. Dad's twist, though, was that the reader never actually saw the Crenshaws at all. All of the stories centered around the Crenshaws and how everybody else reacted to them.

Dad found some copies of the old papers, and passed them along to me as something of a family curiosity. Dad's drawing ability has improved over the years, and he's even illustrated a handful of books. He continues to look at whatever projects he works on from unusual/different perspectives, however.

I've scanned half a dozen examples of "The Crenshaws" to showcase here...

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