What ELSE was in Amazing Fantasy 15

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Amazing Fantasy #15 is, of course, famous for the debut of Spider-Man. The story has been reprinted quite often, and I'm sure many visitors to this site know it well. But the original Spider-Man story only takes up half of the issue. The second half features a series of short mystery tales, also by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. So if you haven't seen them, here's the back half of Amazing Fantasy #15 that you never hear about...

Interestingly, the two stories with the splash pages ("Man in the Mummy Case" and "Martians Are Among Us") were created before the Spider-Man story, according to their job numbers. The layout of the "Martians" one looks unusually awkward for Ditko with the title taking up a full third of the page and a good chunk of the remainder being centered around a large black shadow. I half wonder if that art was created with the potential for being a cover? It seems like it would fit a cover layout better. I also quite like the middle tier on the last page of the Mummy story; slowly pulling back from the charater makes sense for the final panel reveal, but it's not a technique you see used often in comics of the period.
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