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Random recent items of possible interest to comics fans...
  • Comiket announced they'll be holding their next convention in early May, after having been on hiatus for differing reasons (most recently, COVID) since December 2018. While they also announced they will need to severely curtail attendance due to COVID, the event regularly draws about 3/4 of a million people! Even a quarter of that still blows the doors off even the largest American comic conventions! At one point, they say they'll limit attendance to "tens of thousands" but that's still potentially larger than all but the largest American comic shows!
  • In lieu of an in-person ICAF this year, like many other conferences and conventions, they've moved online. For a couple weeks now, and running into early 2021, they're running guest posts and holding virtual roundtable discussions. You can check out the pieces they've already had here, as well as check out what they've got scheduled.
  • Alex Archbold, owner of Curiosity Inc., recently discovered what's being called "The Quick Draw Collection" -- one of the largest collections of Western genre comic books.
  • Earlier this week, Institut français Norge held a webinar entitled "Comics Books in the Age of Social Media and Online Platforms." I haven't watched the nearly two hour presentation yet myself, but from the snippet I did see, it seemed quite interesting.
  • And then there's this...
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