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New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium  events calendar
  • The New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium has posted a listing of all their events through the end of the year. Normally, these would only be availble in person, but this year, they're all being held online.
  • I don't know that I've mentioned it previously but Rhymes With Orange's Hilary Price and Rina Piccolo have been playing with making interactive cartoons in Mental Canvas. The comics are created in a virtual 3-D space that viewers can navigate around to encounter different jokes and gags. Piccolo will actually be doing a live demo/webinar on September 15 at 1:00pm ET. You can register for the free event here.
  • Ken Eppstein has posted the results of another survey he did on creators who table at shows. "The primary goal of this survey was to get some context on how artists participate with these transient marketplaces, what are the goals they have related to that participation, and what barriers they face in participation." He doesn't get into a whole lot of analysis here, but the results suggest a lot of flux was happening even before the pandemic threw a monkey wrench into public gatherings.
  • Over at BoingBoing, Thomas Dunn has a nice piece on David F. Walker's and Sanford Greene's Bitter Root.
  • 10 years of comics in Russian libraries. Pros and cons. Featuring Scott McCloud, Paul Gravette, Alexander Kunin, Stepan Shmytinsky, Dmitry Yakovlev, and Mikhail Wiesel. September 5th, 9:15-10:00pm Moscow time. How many more details do you need?
  • Channel eNews has a brief report on how Kim Hyun Sook, Ryan Estrada, and Hyung-Ju Ko -- the creative team behind Banned Book Club -- met with Changwon's Mayor Heo Seong-moo.
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