On Strips: Kid President + Snoopy

By | Friday, August 11, 2017 Leave a Comment
I missed this last year, but apparently Kid President spent some time at the Charles Schulz Museum and did a Peanuts-themed video. It was tied to and something a promotion for the Peanuts movie that came out around that time, but it was still more focused on the strip. Given the uplifting tone and demeanor of the video, I thought it might help folks smile a bit after another long, excruciatingly painful, and generally terrifying week of news.
I'll point to the accompanying Bonus Video, too, because it gets even more directly into the comics themselves, with Kid President talking with Schulz's widow and their son, Craig. It's not as uplifting as the previous video, but it does, as I said, dive deeper into the comics themselves.
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