On Strips: Catharsis

By | Friday, December 02, 2016 Leave a Comment
One of the "problems" with newspaper comics is a lack of immediacy. That is, because of the lead time needed to get the comics from a cartoonist to seeing print in a newspaper, there's at least a minimum of two weeks before a cartoonist can comment on current events. (Although, frankly, with today's technology, I strongly suspect that could be cut down considerably if any cartoonist or syndicate really was interested in doing so.) But that's why so many strips avoid the issues altogether and fall back on relatively innocuous and staid gags.

Interestingly, though, with President-elect Trump's almost daily bouts of absurdities, he's quickly becoming a figure cartoonists can rely on for ongoing parody. It seems like he's been nominating another racist for yet another cabinet post every other day, and making absurd, unproveable claims just as frequently.

Since I, like so many others, are still processing how so many racist fucktards are willing to send this country to hell for the increasingly futile-looking hope of "draining the swamp", it's refreshing to be able to see some catharsis through newspaper strips, a venue not normally associated with processing the daily news. To that end, I've collected a minor sampling of this week's newspaper strips commenting on some of this political bullshit.

I may have modified the caption on Family Circus to hurry my own catharsis along.
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