On Strips: Comic Rugs?

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A little over a year ago, I moved into a new house. Very nice place, built in the early 1960s. Hardwood floors throughout most of the house. Including the room that became my comic book library.

Now, for as great as the hardwood floors look, my dog (his name is Quincy, by the way -- named after the iguana in Foxtrot) is not a big fan of them. He doesn't get a lot of traction with his paws, so he spends most of his day going from one small area rug to another. He's getting on in years, so I'd like him to be more comfortable throughout the house and we're in the process of getting some more rugs and such for him to get comfortable on.

The question at hand, then, is what about a rug in my library? I do spend a fair amount of time in there, and I'm sure Quincy would like to join me from time to time. But I would like any rug I put in there to be thematically appropriate. That is, it should have a comic character(s) on it. There's not much I'm finding out there, however.

There's a handful of bath mats that bear the logos and/or likenesses of various superheroes, but A) they're bathmats, not rugs, and B) because they're bathmats, they're a bit too small. (Quincy weighs in at around 75 pounds. He'd need something in 3' x 4' range.)

I've also found some latch-hook rugs and rug kits from the 1970s and '80s that bear Snoopy's or Garfield's likeness. But I can't work the kits, and the all the finished ones I've seen are too small anyway. (See above.)

So I'm going to throw out the question to see if I can get some crowd-sourced ideas on where I might find something appropriate. Like I said, I'd be looking for something in the 3' x 4' range. Ideally, I'd prefer a comic strip character, as opposed to a comic book character. And I definitely do not want any crossover type material, like cartoon characters who later showed up in comics (i.e. no Scooby-Doo or Mickey Mouse). Surely, there's something out there that would be suitable, right? What am I not seeing or not thinking to look for?
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