On -isms: Transchizophrenic

By | Thursday, September 11, 2014 Leave a Comment
I just stumbled across the webcomic Transchizophrenic about "an introvert trans-girl who has to face gargantuan problems like dealing with family, overcoming boredom and procrastination, and going outside her room to engage in eventual social interaction with other human beings."
The author, Tresenella, says it's "kind of autobiographical" and what I've read so far certainly seems to have the ring of truth that authentic pieces often have. Her updates seem to have been a little sporadic, she has a note from late August that said she was drawing some new strips and one of them (copied above) posted last week.

So swing by and check it out. It looks like a really clever and honest strip, with probably a few enlightening points for the cis-gendered among us. But, more importantly, I'm hoping it encourages her to make more!
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