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  • Michael Cavna has the best piece on Lee Salem stepping down as editor from Universal. Cavna gets quotes from Bill Watterson, Gary Trudeau, Richard Thompson and others.
  • WOWIO announced a partnership with Akyumen Technologies claiming that "e-book advertising is the next big thing."
  • The Elyria Rotary Club and the Elyria Comic Book Initiative passed out Captain Comic Book to 10,000 students for free.
  • Since you probably aren't aware of the comic in the above bullet, here's Lisa Roberson's (much better) background piece about Captain Comic Book.
  • New York Times technology writer Kit Eaton discovers digital comics. You know it's piece of hard-hitting, contemporary journalism because it includes "zap" in the article's title.
  • There's a new Tumblr out there called Sal Spittle. Go look! It's fun!
  • Neil James Gibson has a new Kickstarter up for a project called Tortured Life.
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