Wednesday Links For Spring!

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  • The official largest gathering of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took place on St. Patrick's Day in the Mall of America. The Guinness people were on hand to make it official. That is, the World Record people, not the beer people. Though I expect, being St. Patrick's Day, there was some of the latter involved at some point.
  • The Internet Archive has recently digitized and posted online a large collection of public domain stock footage and short subjects in HD. Of possible interest to comics fans is the animated Globe Trotters from 1926 featuring Bud Fisher's Mutt & Jeff.
  • Here's a nice, but admittedly late, tribute to 1960s "Big Name Fan" Bill Dubay. It includes some good quality scans of his Fantasy Hero #4.
  • Comic Book Bin has a couple features on Malaysian comics. Specifically, they're looking at Lawak Shabu Shabu – Semanis Madu and Kampung Boy.
  • The debut issue of The Drawn Word is now available via Graphicly for a mere dollar. Featured in the issue are "a spotlight on Brian Wood... as he reveals the next stage of his dynamic writing career, a spotlight on artist Bill Sienkiewicz, and catching up with cartoonist John Kerschbaum and writer Kelly Sue DeConnick!"
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