Mash-ups (By Request!)

By | Thursday, November 18, 2010 Leave a Comment
Well, it's sort of a "by request" mashup. Krishna Sadasivam drew a blank PC Weenies today and asked readers for captions. If that doesn't sound like an excuse for a mashup, I don't know what does! (Also, I've been in a mood all day, and can't seem to come up with anything halfway decent.) So, as usual, dialogue from today's Garfield and art from...

PC Weenies

American Barbarian


I find the American Barbarian version to be the most interesting since it puts an entirely new spin on the dialogue as well as Tom Scioli's original storyline. Now there's a cage full of locked up crazies that physically look normal compared to the weirdness outside. There's a large story beyond that page with the new dialogue. PC Weenies is also somewhat interesting since the conversation changes considerably with the altered timing and different speakers. Now the questioner is asking about the cat in earnest, and requires someone else to answer for him. There's also a nice bit of surrealism with the non-speaking character.
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