Who Watches The Subtitles?

By | Sunday, April 26, 2009 1 comment
My dad bought the DVD of the Watchmen motion comic and insisted that I watch it because the animation was so cool. So I finish watching the whole thing, eject the last disc, and grab the case to put it away. That's when I happen to notice the back of the packaging...
See that? Listed under "Special Features"? Subtitles: English

Who was the moron who decided to put subtitles on a movie whose ENTIRE NARRATION IS ALREADY PLACED ON THE SCREEN?!?
I could understand if they had subtitles in, say, Spanish or French or something, but there's only one set of subtitles and it's in the same language as what's already on the screen?

I can see why Alan Moore didn't want his name on any of this.
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Me said...

I'm amazed you sat through the whole thing! I couldn't. That one promptly got sealed in its envelope and shipped back to Netflix.