Monday, March 02, 2009

The Time War

OK, this is TOTALLY not comics related...

"Sean, the recession has hurt my budget and I haven't been able to purchase comics and DVDs like I used to. What can I do to keep myself entertained?"

"Well, friend, you can do what I do and create your own video of a story you don't think will ever be professionally made!"


"I'm pretty sure the BBC isn't going to produce an actual Time War story that supposedly preceded the recent Dr. Who revival, so I made my own, based on what I'd like to see!"

(Yes, this post is exclusively to show off my first real attempt at video editing.)

1 comment:

Matt K said...

Cool. Although, I'm afraid I could scarcely understand a word those fellows were saying. :)

(Other than "ex-ter-mi-nate!!" of course!)