The Tripods

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Back when I was a kid, I was in Cub Scouts for several years. I didn't enjoy it enough to continue on to the actual Boy Scouts, but I figure I learned some worthwhile skills nonetheless.

In any event, during that time, I acquired a number of issues of Boys' Life, the official Boy Scouts magazine. (I don't recall how I got them, but I know I didn't have a subscription, as I only had a smattering of non-consecutive issues.) I remember very little about the magazines -- I think the articles were skewed for an older audience than me at the time. But I do remember they had some comics in there. I recall some of the Pee Wee Harris stories (one in particular stands out -- where Pee Wee is introduced to a ham radio operator) and I know I skipped over the Bible tales. But I also vaguely recall a comic book version of Samuel Youd's The Tripods series.

Actually, I didn't know it as The Tripods since I started somewhere in the middle, and only knew it as "The City of Gold and Lead" -- the third story in the series. I remember being deeply intrigued by what little I had read and being frustrated that I couldn't read the complete story. There seems to be very little info about the comic adaptation online; does anyone out there know if this happens to have been collected or reprinted anywhere?
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Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, I just recently started looking for the boys life comic version... So far, only a single page but I'll fill you in if I manage to dig anything up...

Anonymous said...

This is, I believe, the complete set published in Boy's Life in the mid 80's.

They are pdf files ranging from 12-20Meg

Props to Michael R. Witherington II for compiling these.

Brilliant! Thanks for passing these along!

Anonymous said...

No problem -- I had seriously started to consider the feasibility of scanning in several years of back issues of Boy's Life at the local library so I was glad to find these PDFs...

There seems to be a somewhat active yahoo group in the UK -- I've never seen it but I guess there was a mid 80's BBC series that has a bit of a cult following.

Anonymous said...

Tnx a whole bunch. didnt think i could get a hold of the comics. Read the books prequel and all and the series im seeing again since last year. its a damn nice show for its time and budget. . now i can read the comics too. u made my day
greetings Stephan