Comic Magazine Deathwatch

By | Wednesday, December 03, 2008 Leave a Comment
In the past few months, we've seen Wizard lay off a good chunk of its staff and Comic Foundry announce it's winding down. Today, we get word that WriteNow! will bow out with issue #20. Although no reason is cited, I would guess that it's NOT a financial decision. At least, not exclusively. TwoMorrows sales numbers are closely guarded, but I've gotten the impression that WriteNow! does reasonably well compared to, say, Draw! or Back Issue.

On the plus side, Jack Kirby Collector continues onward with an incredibly well-written and insightful column by some chap named Kleefeld! Issue #51 (where I discuss the Simon/Kirby Sandman) came out about a month ago, and #52 (where I take a look at Kirby vampires) is slated for late February.

"Hey! How did a 'deathwatch' turn into a self-promotional plug?"
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