Late (And Offensive) Five For Fridays

By | Monday, January 28, 2008 2 comments
Tom Spurgeon's last Five For Fridays was to "Name Five Famous Comics Brothers." Let me first say that I'm deeply disappointed that not even Fred Hembeck cited Brother Voodoo. But when I thought of that, my mind went down a nasty path really quickly. So, for the sake of a bad joke, Sean Kleefeld Names Five Famous Comics Brothers...

1. Black Lightning
2. Black Goliath
3. Luke Cage, Power Man
4. Rocket Racer
5. Green Lantern John Stewart

We now return you to your regularly scheduled (and tasteful!) blog...
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Best Post Ever!

Mithel said...

Without touching the ones you've already used, let's see if I can do this:

The Falcon
War Machine(Jim Rhodes)
Night Thrasher

Yes! White liberal guilt = mollified!