Thing Pedigree

By | Monday, April 03, 2006 1 comment
Take a look at the following covers for a moment, if you would...

All of these books were written, at least in part, by Dan Slott. As you can probably surmise from the art, there are a number of different styles and genres represented here. I don't know any of them, either, that are considered poorly done.

So my suggestion at the moment is to check to see if you've read any of these, and whether or not you thought they were any good. If it was a piece written by Dan Slott, then I suggest that you go check out The Thing because all of the great bits that you might like in these books are present in The Thing. (Well, except maybe the art. The art is all over the map here, and you might not like the styles compared to one another. But the writing! The writing is what I'm talking about here!)

So, go pick up The Thing, say to yourself, "Hmm. This is really good" and then tell your local comic shop guy to add the book to your pull list.
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Anonymous said...

Sean, get off your duff and play Jake's Ye Olde Comick Blogge meme -- I used my entry to extol the virtues of Slott, but that's only because I know about writing. You know about writing and pencilling and inking and colouring and lettering (actually, I know plenty about lettering, damn you), and so therefore you can extol more extollishly than I could ever hope to extol. So...

I'll give you a starter: Dan Slott Moon Knight, illustrated by a highly-motivated Kyle Baker. You like?

I reserve the right to edit or delete this comment upon sobering up.