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So, Dan Slott has asked people now to start writing in to Marvel to tell them how much they enjoy The Thing. Not a big deal for me; I spent some time as a letterhack and know how to figure out the e-mail address of anyone who works for Marvel. So I fire off an e-mail touching on how much I enjoy Dan Slott's work in general and The Thing in particular, and how some of us are trying to promote the book when/where we can to get others interested. I sent the e-mail to Marvel's publisher and editor-in-chief, and the editor and assistant editors of The Thing.

So I fire this e-mail off at around 10:50 am. Twenty minutes later, I get a reply from Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. Now, it doesn't say much -- just a thank you/confirmation, really -- but this is the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel. The man earns enough money to have a stylish loft in New York City that was featured in Wired as one of "The Coolest Rooms on the Planet." He doesn't have to reply. I copied some of the assistant editors on it; they could've been delegated to deal with that kind of stuff. Or Quesada's secretary. (I'm fairly confident it wasn't his secretary just using his e-mail, since I'd gotten those types of messages from Bill Jemas before. Marvel's secretaries don't hide behind their bosses e-mails.)

This seems to be one of the core differences between Marvel and DC. Even if I could track down Dan DiDio's e-mail address, I seriously doubt I'd get a personal response from him about a comic who's sales numbers are putting it in danger of cancellation. You know, I was really irked at Marvel's snubbing of readers -- their good cop, bad cop routine -- back when Jemas was still working there, but I think Quesada is making a concerted effort to do his version of what Stan Lee did back in the 1960s and become the voice and face of Marvel comics.
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