Curiosity Estate Sale

By | Friday, March 22, 2024 Leave a Comment
Mark Thomas, founder and owner of counter culture landmark The Alley, is holding an estate sale this weekend. The store is doing fine; I gather that he's downsizing his living space and is just trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff that's piled up over the years. And that's why I thought to bring it up here.

While The Alley itself is mostly known for clothes and accessories, Thomas' collection of effemera basically looks like a personal version of The Oddities & Curiosities Expo. Everything from taxidermied bats to Bettie Page posters to skull-shaped incense holders to original signed prints from photography Peter Amft to tribal masks from Africa. But of particular interest here today is that he also has some comics related material available as well. He has several pages of original art from Mark Frierson's "Stranger Than Fiction" strip, one from Doug Storer's "Amazing but True" comic, a collection of Lady Death action figures (MIB), what looks like a still-unassembled Dr. Doom vinyl model kit, and a large framed poster of the cover Creepy #39. There's probably some other stuff as well, but that's what popped out as I was scrolling through some of the photos.

If you're in the Chicago area today or this weekend, it might be worthwhile to swing by and see what's available. (A href="">Link to the estate sale listing with the location and hours.) Even if you don't pick up anything, there certainly seems to be plenty of interesting things to look at!
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