Weekly Recap

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Here are this week's links to what I've had published recently...

Kleefeld on Comics: On Business: The Long Tail in Action

Kleefeld on Comics: On History: FF #511 Script

Patreon: MTV Geek Classic: Kleefeld on Webcomics #49: Why Free Works  http://ift.tt/15DhcCp

Kleefeld on Comics: Weekly Comics Links

FreakSugar: Webcomics Wednesday: Responsive Comics?

Kleefeld on Comics: On -isms: Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers Review 

Patreon: MTV Geek Classic: Kleefeld On Webcomics #50: Webcomics The Movie  http://ift.tt/15DhcCp

Kleefeld on Comics: On Strips: Cartoonist as Celebrity

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